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Goat’s cheese ravioli, smoked eggplant sauce and basil oil


  For the dough, amass (about 10 minutes) the flour and eggs until mixture is smooth. Wrap it up with plastic film or a humid cloth and let it rest in the fridge for about an hour. Meanwhile smoke the eggplant by laying them...
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ravioli al caprino 4

Crispy pork belly with pickled cabbage and sweet and sour chilli sauce

DIFFICOLTÀ : | TEMPO: cottura per la pancetta lessa: 2-3 ore preparazione: 40 min.

  As you can see I combined techniques from eastern styles with a western recipe (pickled cabbage). I emphasize technique rather than flavors. Therefore, i do not call this concept  "fusion". And as for the sweet and sour, it'...
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pancetta croccante

Mojito Cake

DIFFICOLTÀ : | TEMPO: mezza giornata calcolando i tempi di riposo per la mousse

  Let's start with the sponge cake: whip the eggs with the sugar and stir in the flour. Roll it into a baking tray with parchment paper forming a layer about half an inch high. Bake in preheated oven for 5 min. to 200...
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torta mojita4

Agnello in umido con mandorle e uvetta, servito con patate sautè


We start with a base of caramelized onions. Take the onions, peal and chop finely. Take a pot with a good steel bottom and cook until they get brown color. To caramelize the onions well, put two tablespoons of olive oil and turn the onions...
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agnello con mandorle1

“Mostarda mantovana”, great combination for cheese

DIFFICOLTÀ : | TEMPO: tempi di riposo: 1 mese, preparazione: 10 min. ogni giorno per 3 giorni

  Buy a abundant kilo of green pears, not ripe. Wash, peel, cut into slices with a thickness of about 3 or 4 millimeters and take the seeds out . Place the pears in a bowl with the sugar, mix well and leave covered out from the...
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mostarda di pere1