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Thai Food, the most fragrant cuisine of asia and a dish that fully represents it: the Tom Yam Kung


      But there is s a particular dish that enclose and represents at it’s best the flavors of Thailand, and this is the soup “Tom Yam Kung”. It looks simple and innocent but then it turns out to be an...
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Tom Yam Kung3

Phad Thai noodles


        Hydrate the noodles by soaking them  in a bowl with hot water for 10-15 minutes. Prepare the seasoning sauce by dissolving the tamarind paste with  water and work with your hand or until it...
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phad thai 2

“Patatas Bravas” a classic tapas and the secrets for the perfect fried potatoes!


  The secret for a good fryed potatoes? The type of potato, the double cooking and a good oil. For the type of potato: preferably with yellow pulp, hard and with low water content.The quantity of starch is not crucial,...
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patatas bravas1