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Scallop’s tartare with coriander “caviar” and wasabi mayonnaise


  We begin with the preparation of the fake coriander caviar. This technique is the reaction of liquids mixed with alginate and then submerge in solutions of calcium or vice versa. This allows us to create a membrane at a...
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Tartare di capesante6

Capesante al brandy col suo corallo in salsa


Take the scallops and separate its coral (the red / orange). In a pan fry the shallots and carrot finely chopped. Stir in the corals for a couple of minutes and add a shot of brandy, than half a cup of water (or fish stock ) and simmer a...
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capesante al brandy col suo corallo in salsa2

Scallops with wild mushrooms and spinach pure


  For the creamed spinach: bring the water to a boil and blanch the leaves for 5 seconds (no more) and cool immediately in cold water with ice.  This shock is a technique that allows you not to lose too many vitamins and flavor...
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