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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Salmon tartare with smoked herring’s caviar and creamy avocado


200 gr. fresh salmon
2 tablespoons of 'extra virgin olive oil
1/3 lemon juice
1 avocado
1 tablespoon mirin
a sprig of chives
a piece of cucumber
1 tablespoon of "eggs kippers" or caviar to taste


From the smoked salmon to the fresh salmon with the smoky taste apart!. Certainly with me, not the usual tartare!. Without mustard, nor pickles, nor dill and neither shallot. Respecting the main ingredient, I looked for delicate things that did not cover the taste of the raw material, because in my opinion, all those toppings blur a bit the protagonist, the salmon. I then opted to dress it simply with a drizzle of oil, salt, a little mirin (sweet sake) to give a subtle sweet note and chives to give a slightly spicy but not as strong and intrusive as the shallot.

For the balance (acid – alkaline) I added the lemon juice only in the avocado’s cream as by eating it all together, it balances perfectly the fat of the salmon. Plus by not coming into direct contact with the fish, it does not cook the meat ( with the acidity )  making it whitish color.
I added the cucumber into brunoise (diced) to refresh the whole thing and for that crunchy texture.

So by itself, the tartare would be ready and perfect. The herring’s caviar are only a complement but not essential for this dish. It simply brings that smoky flavor that we are so often to see with the salmon. Maybe it’s a bit of a psychological game, but in the end it’s really good.
The eggs are actually a fake caviar prepared from a base of real smoked herring’s. Its ‘a quality product that I buy here in Spain. But then again, you can also do without it or replace it with the caviar you prefer. Even an alternative such as lumpfish eggs make their game.
I also wouldn’t cut the salmon too thin. Indeed, it is a pulp so creamy that I believe it’s meant to melt in the mouth instead of the cutting board.

For the choice of salmon, opt for the wild if you can. Those from Alaska are the most famous but also the northern Europeans are fantastic. If from fish farm, choose northern Europe or Canada. Less recommended those from Chile’s farm. The nutritional level between farm or wild, seems to be the same. Even in the amount of omega3.


Puree the pulp of avocado with a tablespoon of oil, salt and the juice of about 1/3 of a lemon. If too thick add a little water. Cut the salmon into small cubes ( off the bone and skin) with a knife.

Dress it up with the rest of the ingredients and serve it with caviar on top.


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