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Monday, December 3, 2012

Japanese noodles soup with salmon and shitake mushrooms


1 lt. water
just enough dashi broth (see dosage depending on the brand)
20 gr. fresh ginger
80 gr. Daicon (radish)
1 handful of fresh spinach
250 gr. Salmon clean
60 gr. shitake mushrooms
150 gr. rice noodles / wheat / buckwheat
20 gr. mirin
30 gr. soy sauce
salt if needed
a sprig of chive


Winter, desire of something comforting, something hot, ....... a good hot soup!. Something that takes off the cold off your body and warm you up from inside out. At this point why not converting a simple broth in a great dish? Asian soups are the right answer. A fantastic concept, light, healthy and complete. Complete in all senses, composed of a broth, a protein, carbohydrate and vegetables. Can't get any better!
Compared to Europe, Asian's soups are much healthier and in particular the Japanese fish based udon soups. Well-being reflected at first sight in this salubrious clear broth called "dashi". The Dashi is a simple broth made from kombu seaweed and dried smoked fish, usually tuna or bonito. Do it or find it fresh is rare these days. Most Japans uses a dehydrated broth of excellent quality (discard those with MSG!). If you prefer or can't find, make a normal fish stock. The end result will not have that distinctive Japanese flavor but definitely still good and genuine.




The udon soup ingredients varies by location. My version today is customized with the addition of ginger and  the use of  rice noodle (therefore suitable for those who are intolerant to gluten) instead of wheat or buckwheat (soba noodles). Honestly, is what I had at home! Anyway rice noodles are also the one  used for Thai soups.


Bring to boil 1 liter  of water with dashi powder,  ginger and Daicon (Japanese radish) cut into slices. After 10 min. add the chopped fresh shitake mushrooms ( without the hard stem ). Season by adding mirin,  soya sauce and taste. IF NECESSARY add salt not to overdo  with too much soya sauce.  At this point the broth is ready and is very good also on its own. To finish the soup add the spinach, the salmon cut into chunks and turn off. Cover and let it rest a few minutes, just enough for the salmon to cook with it’s own heat. The pasta is always cooked separately and added directly into the cup followed by the broth. In the case of rice noodles, there is no need to boil it, just hidrate by simply placing the dried noodle in a bowl and cover with boiling water for 10 min. . If the broth is not yet ready, stop the cooking of the pasta with rinsing with cold water.

Spread the drained pasta in bowls and cover with the broth and all its elements. Finish the dish with chives and serve.




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  1. Mi piace questo piatto! Ingredienti, colori e consistenza… tutto!

  2. adoro queste zuppe! è vero, leggere, nutrienti e veloci!